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PostSubject: Rules and Regulations Sat Sep 06, 2008 1:39 pm

Studio GUI Rules and Regulations

We welcome all our new members here at Studio GUI. This forum is mainly used for the purpose of customization and Desktop modification discussion. We encourage our new members to be apart of discussion and share their artwork. Studio GUI was created before an old forum we owned couldn't last. But now a days here, it is an environment / community for sharing ideas and graphic work. Before you post messages on the board, please make sure you read these rules. We hope all members of the community who become apart of Studio GUI enjoy all it offers.

When you are registered, your IP Address and Email address are recorded as will all regular sites, this information may be used to personally identify your account. We also don't delete accounts on Studio GUI. We shut the accounts down, which means we deactivate them. We hope this message makes all the members clear of our message. On the other hand of English, we do not want "leet" speaking (e.g.:1337=l33t; H4x0r) or im talk (e.g.: omg wat is tis? wat do u use it 4?) This will result in warnings and a one day ban after multiple offenses... some abbreviated messages such as "lol" and "omg" can be used. Have a great stay at Studio GUI, enjoy our content and we hoping that you can share.

Markoz, Founder of Studio GUI
SbuxBlaze, CEO of Studio GUI

On certain circumstances we may require a user to register to view the content on the forums. And you might also have to wait for an Administrators' approval. Usually it takes more than 8 hours depending on the time you registered to the forum. The Administration asks you to be patient. If you send an email to use explaining that you are needing to be activated, your account will be removed. The Administrators and Moderators automatically get an email of every account waiting approval.

We allow our members to post images in this forum but these images cannot be: hateful, inappropriate, pornographic, or any images that causes width tweaking on the forum pages. Any of these images will be removed. If we deal with it by the same user, the account will be banned for one day. The second offense is a permanent ban from Studio GUI. Some of Image posting is important for releasing. To warn those under the age of thirteen We ask you Title your artwork "NSFW" (Not Safe For Work). If you fail to warn members you will be banned from the forum.

The Members of this community give comments on artwork, criticize, discuss, but we try to stay away from the influence of flaming. On Artwork you cannot blurt out "This is Bad!" If you have nothing good to say, do not say anything at all. We do not discuss inappropriate subjects or talk about actions that are not to be discussed on the forums. We use English in the forum, please do not put anything that could not be understood or anything that is a different language. The Moderators will either remove the comment, translate/edit and replace or ban the member who was responsible for posting the message. Switch the board to your language so it translates English. The Staff does not allow you to make fun of another member on this forum, your account will be immediately removed.

The forum is for Modification, discussion, sharing, and commenting artwork. We will remove any content that has nothing to do of this site, and in matter of fact we will remove anything that is not wanted to be discussed. We do not tolerate Business polls, advertisements of sites (Use the website field in your User Control Panel) All this content is not to be discussed. We do not need topics to be moved. You should know where your topic goes. We consider most wrong located off-topic spam and it will be removed.

*First offense - Warning
*Second Offense - Ban from the forum for 3 days
*Third offense - Ban from forum for one week
*Final Offense - IP Address ban

We allow members Of Studio GUI to customize their profile with Avatars and Signatures. We ask you to follow the Avatar and Signature Guidelines. Members of the forum must NOT Advertise their websites in their signature. They will be removed immediately following a ban. If you use any images in your signature, it must be appropriate. If it is an advertisement image it will be removed, with less consequence. Your avatar must be appropriate. If it has any slang language in it or inappropriate picture it will be removed. We also do not want anything political.

The staff of Studio GUI which is to include Administrators, Moderators, News Staff, and Site Designers are to be respected at all times. The members are not to ask them for a staff position. or ask any of the staff how they got their job. This will lead up to a ban. This especially goes our members of the VIP team. Any requests will be rejected with a temporary ban. There is no argument with a staff if they edited your post, closed you thread or removed something. This will lead to a One Day ban. Once in a while we may choose a moderator, News Staff and possibly an Administrator with Staff applications. If they are untouched, the spot will immediately be removed and no one will have any sign up chances. Please respect all the staff members.

The Desktop threads at Studio GUI are opened from 1 to 3 months. Within that time you may post a desktop in one of the threads. Please read these guidelines before posting a desktop:

7.0.1.: Desktops previews cannot exceed the page structure.
If this does so the first time, you will be warned and the second time will be a three day ban.
7.0.2.: Desktop previews must link to the actual desktop. If it is just a preview there will be a notice for you, no warnings.
7.0.3.: Do not use actual size desktop in threads, this causes problems with the page structure, and it will be requested for a preview or re-size.
7.0.4.: You are not required to participate in these threads, it is to show your deskmodding and customization skills.
7.0.5.: Without NSFW Warning, your desktop may be removed, with a ban for one day.
7.0.6.: Do NOT quote previews! This will lead to a three day ban from the forums. This causes confusion, we would like you to "snip" the image. (create a link)

The Desktop threads will be closed and opened for a fresh start every 1-3 months. We close these threads so they all don't get too big and cause a bit of boredom or perhaps confusion.

We put our users under moderation at Studio GUI to check email addresses and website to understand the content. If you are approved we find no spam from you. If you were banned, IP Banned, or forgot your name or password, contact an administrator. Do NOT create another account, any multiple accounts found are considered spam, and you will get a permanent ban.

If someone has helped you with a release, please give credits, or if you are sharing someone else's work with permission. Refusal of crediting will result in a temporary ban. We also ask that you do not leech from other sites and post their content here. This will lead to a ban. Users release THEIR work, not others' work, this is considered plagiarism and the content will be removed and you will get an IP Address Ban. This also regards the site's design. Do NOT Rip any of our images. We do not mid similarities but we will have issues if these images are ripped and used on other forums. Your site will be reported and if you are a member of our forum your account will be turned off.

It is likely impossible for the staff of Studio GUI to view every message and confirm that it is/isn't breaking a rule from the Guidelines. If there is a post that you have found breaking any rules, it will be best to contact a member from the staff. It is fine to release a modification as long as you title the work as "Mod" (modification) or, "Inspiration" of someone else's work. ALL of the feedback members give are always reviewed, and either confirmed Resolved or rejected. Some things cannot happen, or want to be done by other members choice, and you should not take a subject, or even your own suggestion seriously.

Also, you should acknowledge that the rules do not apply to the staff of Studio GUI , which gives them the right to do something against the rules if it is needed. Please stay out of trouble, because all members of Studio GUI will be warned or banned publicly. Until later on, whatever you posted to get banned from the forum will be removed.
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